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If you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Children of Salisbury - Life After Lockdown photographic project, please fill out your child(ren)s details in the following form. This is an opportunity to be a part of a project that will grow in significance in years and generations to come as we reflect on how Coronavirus changed the lives of the future generation. It is also an opportunity to contribute to the vital charity work of The Stars Appeal Hospital Heroes and Action for Children, both of which are supporting children and their families and carers through this crisis.

The project aims to capture children from all backgrounds, ages and areas of Salisbury and to represent Salisbury's diverse community. Sadly it means not all applicants will be able to be included, but if you are successful Gemma will be in touch to arrange the details of your shoot and book a date.

Who can apply?

  • Babies and children under 13

  • Siblings may also apply (one donation per family)

  • Residents of Salisbury or neighbouring villages

Your donation

Once your application has been approved, in order to book your shoot you will be asked to make a donation of at least £45 to the charities being supported by this venture - The Stars Appeal Hospital Heroes and Action For Children. This donation goes direct to the charities and includes the shoot and inclusion into the book, if you would like your own copies of the images these will be available to order with a discount with my thanks for taking part and I’ll give you a little keepsake  digital copy of the one we end up using for the book.


These unprecedented times have caused severe economic pressure on many families. You may like to consider making a small extra donation to enable those experiencing acute financial hardship to be part of the project, as I am keen that this should be a diverse representation of children from all backgrounds living in Salisbury. Your extra donation will be put into a side-fund to help these families participate in this project. I would be so, so grateful!


If you do consider that you fit into the lower income bracket, (ie dependent on benefits) or have been experiencing financial hardship as a result of the lockdown, please contact me as some families have generously donated a bit extra and there is a small amount set aside that may be used to ‘top up’ whatever donation you feel able to make at this time.


It’s very important to me that the project is all-inclusive and available to everyone.

Before the shoot

Once your donation has been made with Virgin Money Giving, Gemma will be in contact to discuss your ideas for how your child could be photographed to reflect how their experience of lockdown has shaped what is a 'new special' to them. Locations, activities, props, outfits will all be agreed and a plan for the shoot made. Shoots can take place at your home or somewhere special to your child and naturally will take place once lockdown has been lifted.


We are aiming to create portraits
that answer the question:
'What has become very special to you since lockdown?'

The final book will become a body of portraits that document a generation of children in the wake of this unprecedented event in their lives, and how the effect of lockdown has shaped their view on what is important to them and potentially how they live their future lives.


It's the little things - the everyday pleasures that have taken on a new significance while we've been housebound - this could be a special hug with a grandparent or family member they haven't been able to see, perhaps they've discovered a new love of baking or board games (or even their daily workout with Joe Wicks!),  it could be the joy of being able to play their favourite sport again, or even go back to school. Maybe they've discovered a new hobby that may turn into a skill, that may eventually turn into a career, or they've bonded with a sibling who previously they had a tricky relationship with. Maybe their special 'thing' might be to hang out with their best friend or play on the beach. There are many scenarios where the restrictions of lockdown have actually opened up new passions, reignited old ones or simply inspired a love of the familiar activities of family life.


Chat to your child and see what has become special and important to them, something that will stay important and special to them as life slowly returns to normal and they continue to grow.

During the shoot

Your shoot will take approximately 1 1/2 hours and Gemma will work with your child to make them feel relaxed, have fun and capture some authentic portraits. Gemma has full public liability insurance but a responsible parent or carer will need to be present at all times. Please bring a change of clothes, wipes, drinks and 'clean' snacks (ie not Wotsits or chocolate!). Importantly don't place too much pressure on your child, if they're anxious about performing for the camera we will not achieve the natural images we're looking for, so allow them to have some fun and enjoy the whole experience. Gemma is an expert at connecting with even the most camera shy of children and she'll tease out their personality and record it on camera.

After the shoot

Gemma will carefully curate and edit the best images and invite you to her studio a week or two later to view them. At the viewing you will chat about which images could be used for the book, plus decide on a short caption to accompany the image highlighting the child's special 'thing'. This, along with the child's first name and age, will be printed alongside the image, no other personal information is published. 


If you wish, you will have the opportunity to pre-order your own copy of the book. If you would like your own copies of the images, these will be available to order but please understand there is absolutely no expectation to spend anything in addition to your £45 donation, 100% of which goes direct to the charities.

The book will be published at the end of year, there will only be a very limited number of copies available and unless you pre-order we cannot guarantee availability after it is published. 

The book

The book will be a large format, hand bound, hardback book produced to the highest quality standard. The photographs within will be able to be enjoyed  on archival quality fine art paper in a 12x16inch linen-bound heirloom quality book. Each copy will be numbered and signed, and the first three copies will be presented to The Duchess of Cambridge as patron of Action For Children, The Earl of Pembroke as President of The Stars Appeal and the Bishop of Salisbury to mark the 800th anniversary of Salisbury Cathedral.

The book is priced at £139.50 + shipping.
Please pre-order your copy before November 15th.


This is Salisbury's next generation of animal lovers, environmentalists, volunteers, carers, sports professionals, bakers, writers...this project explores how the slower pace of lockdown may in some small part have shaped the course of their future for the better...

Applications are now closed and the final preparations being made to publish the book by the end of the year.

Pre-order your copy here before Novmeber 15th

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